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About Us

SinnerLand is a new, electronic music record label, with an adventurous approach to sound and music innovation. 

We widely encourage the blending of musical styles, and the key to attracting the attention of the senior management at this label is experimentation!

We’re looking for music with character, music that makes us move. Our interests oscillate within electronic, underground styles including; techno, tech house, electronica, progressive techno, melodic techno, deep techno, dub techno and beyond…

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SinnerLand HQ is built for sound design and recording. We combine all technologies, giving us the capability to produce and record mind-blowing sounds, either in analog or digital formats. As part of our sound armoury, we boast top-notch analog synthesisers and digital plugins, meaning we can produce most styles of music.

At this point, SinnerLand moved to a new studio, which has been designed with one thing in mind; creating the perfect environment for critical-recording listening and production mastery. Working with the best acoustic architects in the business, you can be sure that when we are mastering your sound, we are making the best decisions to produce the ultimate version of your material, we’re not guessing here.

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New Releases

Location Recording  

Our team can travel to any location, outdoor or indoor, within the radius of the M25, to provide a  full day recording session. All equipment will be provided, including; mixers, microphones, headphones and speakers, if needed. The session can also be video recorded and post-produced at an additional cost. 

Speak to us about your needs, and we can agree on a package price, tailored to your specific vision and needs.

Our projects have included bands, vocalists, instrumentalists, performers, speeches, nature projects and conferences. We are happy to accept any projects where recording sound is paramount.

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New Samples

Our dedication to creation doesn’t end once your music is radio ready, we love the parts that build your sounds too. That’s why we’re developing a creative sample bank, which helps to  explore your creative process to its limits. We’re interested in your production skills and your ideas for drum loops, killer synth leads, rolling baselines and weird and wonderful fx sounds.

Send us the chopped-up parts from your library, combine it with some focus and direction, and let’s get talking. 

In case you have some questions, we are here and ready to chat.

Please drop us a message or send us an email and we will be happy to assist you.


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