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SinnerLand is a new, electronic music record label, with an adventurous approach to sound and music innovation. 

We widely encourage the blending of musical styles, and the key to attracting the attention of the senior management at this label is experimentation!

We’re looking for music with character, music that makes us move. Our interests oscillate within electronic, underground styles including; techno, tech house, electronica, progressive techno, melodic techno, deep techno, dub techno and beyond…

Fancy a challenge? SinnerLand is constructing an extensive sample bank, so wrap your loops and song parts into a package, and send us your demo. 

Based in Kent, the SinnerLand team harnesses years of extensive experience working as DJs, producers and sound engineers. Our dedication to the club scene helps us to seek the unexpected, something different. We are risk-takers, and proud of the fact.

Our label is a one-stop-shop for any artist looking to break barriers and create something different. We will NEVER dictate to an artist, we expect them to express themselves fully, and to explore their minds and creative spirit, to achieve the best creative process for all. Show us the deepest level of your soul!

Heading to the club scene, to the party, has always been something of an escape for us, an retreat from everyday life. Decades of guilty pleasures, where time transformed itself to feel like SinnerLand for our minds, our spirits and our souls. Breaking free of mundane life, to do what we love the most, that is to enjoy the good times. Exploring the sounds of underground clubs, the whole underground scene, is still going on, and we still love it…