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SinnerLand HQ is built for sound design and recording. We combine all technologies, giving us the capability to produce and record mind-blowing sounds, either in analog or digital formats. As part of our sound armoury, we boast top-notch analog synthesisers and digital plugins, meaning we can produce most styles of music.

At this point, SinnerLand moved to a new studio, which has been designed with one thing in mind; creating the perfect environment for critical-recording listening and production mastery. Working with the best acoustic architects in the business, you can be sure that when we are mastering your sound, we are making the best decisions to produce the ultimate version of your material, we’re not guessing here.

Our passion is recording and mixing your ideas, to shape them into release/radio-ready material. We help with arrangements, and all your production needs.

Our music-mastering process works with both analog and digital technologies. We use the best sound processors on the market, to get the best out of your sound. Our ultimate goal is to make sure your material sounds incredible on all media players, from cheap headphones and smartphone speakers, to massive club sound systems. 


  • Digital Mixer Allen and Heath SQ7 for all live recording and first-stage mixing needs
  • Apollo 8XP Interface with Unison Technology and the best digital summing on the market 
  • Analog Mixer SPL MIX DREAM for analog summing 
  • Elektron Analog Heat for Saturation 
  •  Analog  Master processor – Rupert Neve MBP2 
  • Tascam Master recorder
  • SSL Fusion
  • Drawmer 1973
  • Wes Audio Prometheus – Rhea – Dione – Mimas
  • Software : Ableton – Luna  


Location Recording

Our team can travel to any location, outdoor or indoor, within the radius of the M25, to provide a  full day recording session. All equipment will be provided, including; mixers, microphones, headphones and speakers, if needed. The session can also be video recorded and post-produced at an additional cost.

Speak to us about your needs, and we can agree on a package price, tailored to your specific vision and needs.

Our projects have included bands, vocalists, instrumentalists, performers, speeches, nature projects and conferences. We are happy to accept any projects where recording sound is paramount.

We will provide all technical advice to record your performance at the highest level possible, using the best equipment on the market.

Simply bring your talent, and we will do all the hard work to capture your essence.

Private tuition , music production techniques , mix master , Ableton basic and advance training , £50ph with minimum booking of 4h

Studio Recording £50 per hour with a minimum booking of 4 hours

We can record any of your ideas using synthesisers, your own instruments or vocals. Location recording possible , Tell us about your project, and we can advise on the best solution and give you our best price . 

Mixing£15 per stem or track plus mastering ( £75) on top with 3 revisions .

Mix and Master Bundle£290 per track with maximum of 20 stems (Digital and Analog combination master)

Master£75 per track (digital Analog combi master)